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The Golden Resources Shopping Mall,totally investment 2.8 billlion,General built-up area amounts to 600,000 square metres, including"Easy Home", totally built-up area amounts to 1 00,000 square metres, 5 layers, which include family dress , furniture, building material, can accommodate more than 500 brands, more than 100,000 kind the above store, also the"Golden Resources business trade city", which is the maximal southwest area monomer special field terminal market, totally built-up area amounts to 450,000 square metres, Can accommodate more than 5,000 business store, for dispatch of the shoe kind , box parcel , men's clothing , women's dress , petty commodities, home adorns high-end special field of product an integral whole middle terminal market. At the same time,being the special field for brand’s show and announce elegant, and leisure area. Surround the square, `Fang Te high technology park, five star hotel, business apartment and office tower, in the middle, the biggest parking lot with 6000 capability. All of these make it a perfect place for amusement, business, meeting, entertainment, shopping, accommodation, office, etc.