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Map of the hotel


JinHaoyuan Chinese Restaurant

With 25 different styles of luxury boxes and 9 state-level guest boxes, JinHaoyuan Chinese Restaurant operates mainly in classic Cantonese cuisine, providing the beautiful things for every guest to enjoy limitless pleasure by drinking and eating.

Opening Time: 11:30 - 14:30
                            17:30 - 22:00

Junhao Cafeteria

With 3 luxury private boxes,150-capacity Junhao Cafeteria offers you more than 100 kinds of seafood, barbecue, snacks, salad, fruit buffet and etc.

Opening Time: Breakfast: 06:30-10:00
                            Lunch:  11:30-14:00
                            Dinner:  17:30-21:00

Haojingyuan Lobby Lounge

Lobby bar that can accommodate more than 60 guests, is the ideal place to discuss business. Along with the soft romantic music, carouse world wines, coffee and tea, elegant and comfortable environment will give you a completely fresh experience.

Opening Time:08:30--24:00

LiuXiangxuan tea house

With the space of 500 square meters and 6 deluxe chess rooms, LiuXiangxuan tea house is full of country spending holiday characteristic.

Opening hours: 10:00—02:00