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Kingworld Get the Five-star Hotel’s Titles

Date: 2007-09-11

On March 12 2007, according to the Kingworld Hotel’s applications and the recommendation of Chongqing Tourism Hotel Committee, the National Committee of Tourism Hotel national standards in accordance with the People's Republic of China "tourist hotel star classification and evaluation" (GB/T14308-2003), formal approval of Kingworld Hotel for the five-star hotel. April 14, the management of cadres in the lobby of a grand hotel listing ceremony, the official five-star hotel to the new face of external business. Star Hotel to do commentary work, business, in strict accordance with the standards of the Star staff on a job skills, sense of service, service skills, English, and other training to ensure that the hotel staff with a comprehensive five-star hotel service skills standards and requirements. In order to better education and strengthen the knowledge, the hotel organizes various types of training activities, "the hotel public knowledge contest"; "Hotel post-assessment skills and knowledge contest" to meet needs and aim to fully upgrade the status of the hotel staff received a comprehensive capacity.